Nate Berkus Wants You to Stop Making These Design Mistakes

Designer Nate Berkus has seen plenty of homes that need just a minor renovation, and even more homes that would use a major overhaul. In the process, he’s grown way too familiar with all the worst design mistakes that people make in their homes. Some of those mistakes can drag the beauty of your home down. And some can even decrease the value of your home.

Let’s take a quick look at the design mistakes that Nate Berkus wants you to stop making at home. If you follow his advice, you can make your home more beautiful — and perhaps even more valuable.

1. Making the design impersonal

As Southern Living reports, Nate Berkus thinks that your home’s design should reflect you and your experiences. “Our homes should tell our stories,” Berkus explains. “The way we do that is in the choices that we make about what we allow to cross our thresholds.” The designer thinks that no matter your style, it’s important to “create an interior that is deeply personal.” So choosing generic pieces? Major mistakes in Berkus’s book.

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2. Sticking with just one style

Even though you might feel tempted to neatly define your style, Nate Berkus thinks that you shouldn’t box yourself in. He told Southern Living, “Things take on a different energy when they’re combined with something that’s dissimilar.” Need an example? “In a traditional environment, by incorporating a modern lamp on a traditional chest of drawers, or by reaching for a single, modern chair, there’s something really interesting about playing things against their types.” Berkus adds, “If your heart starts to sing when you look at a contemporary painting, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be incorporated in your home.”


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