This London Apartment Proves Big Color Is Just What Small Spaces Need



In an era of full-blown minimalism, there is the London apartment of two color-loving creatives: Paul West, a landscape artist who sells his pieces around the world on Artfinder, and Paula Benson, a curator of set decor from famous movies for Film and Furniture. There’s neon pop art on the walls, kaleidoscopic linens on the beds, and a rainbow of books (they’re literally organized by color) on the shelves. Really, the best way to describe it is fun, unsurprising given the couple’s decorating process, which was driven mostly by passion; Paul and Paula are avid art collectors and treasure hunters. Many of their most prized possessions can be attributed to love at first sight (and a great eye for a deal). Take the towering old milliner’s cabinet in one corner of the main living space: “The sheer unusualness of it, it was a must-buy,” Paul declares.

With so much to look at—yes, that’s a tree branch on the ceiling!—it’s easy to forget that their three-bedroom apartment, while spanning two floors, is actually only 1,200 square feet. That’s not by accident. Living there for ten years has culminated in an incredible collection of unique finds, to be sure, but also a complete mastery of how to maximize a compact floor plan. Read on to find Paul and Paula’s best decorating tricks.


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